Alain Choisnet sculptor

Self-taught sculptor Alain Choisnet was born in 1962 in Fougères, France. Very early the diversion of objects and sculpture gave an orientation to his creativity. Having exploited realistic formalization from various materials, sometimes giving birth to monumental sculptures whose cohesion of particles was due to their weight alone, he now approaches a more expressive figuration. Bronze, by its warmth and nobility, has become its favorite material to convey a more emotional message. His artistic approach tends to suggest to the spectator notions inspiring calm and serenity. As femininity seems to him ideal to communicate these qualities, he wishes to offer a soothing vision of woman with modesty and sensuality.

Each sculpture, a story

Alain Choisnet's bronze sculptures exalt feminine beauty, immortalizing a gesture, an emotion, an attitude. Of a natural charm, sometimes juvenile, they bathe you in a particular emotion, all in contrast: sensuality, serenity, refinement, poetry. Each sculpture is a moment of life suspended in time, a story that she seems to want to share with modesty and pursue with the one who contemplates her.

Bronze sculptures

The bronze sculptures presented here were given the greatest care when they were created. During the working of the clay first, then during the passage in foundry with its many steps that allow to immortalize this initial work and to sublimate it. Each sculpture is an original model numbered from 1 to 8, plus 4 artist proofs (EA I to IV / IV), and a certificate of authenticity accompanies it to its acquisition. Presented in France, Europe and Asia, Alain Choisnet's bronze sculptures are part of some of the finest collections of contemporary art. The sculptor makes it very easy to acquire his works using his online shop.

The artist's galleries in south of France

The artist now shares his lifetime between his artist's studio in Champagne and his own gallery in Sézanne, Champagne. Medalist of the Art-Sciences-Lettres Academy, his collaboration with the prestigious Daum crystal factory confirms the quality of his work. Although represented by galleries in France and Europe, he always favors direct contact during collective or personal exhibitions.